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Where to Start…

Where to start when you have to start over?

Dixie Gillaspie wrote this piece for Entrepreneur Magazine back in 2015, and its even more relevant today, and consistent with what the BusinessFlare Academy is working toward helping those who find themselves in the unfortunate position of unemployment, but fortunately have a vision of their own.

“You never have to start over with nothing so long as you have yourself.”

That’s my standard response to anyone who asks me why I believe personal development trumps any other business or career investment. It’s why I read, it’s why I write, it’s why I work with mentors and it’s why I mentor others. Because every one of those activities builds my personal inventory. They may not make me money, in fact books and mentors usually cost me money, but they make me more valuable, which, in addition to making me more successful now, also makes starting over easier every time I do it.

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