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June 24, 2020

Today in our world:

Everyone knows we love markets, especially farmers markets, but we also love growing stuff (we even own a spice business on the side). Well, did you know that even though there is a trend for victory gardens, you should have a 70/30 split between blooms and vegetables?

In the residential market, housing is the most optimistic indicator so far during the recovery. Sales of new single-family homes rose 16.6% from April to May.

Barron’s today is guiding business owners on ways to save taxes, including switching the method used to estimate taxes, changing accounting methods, taking advantage of federal relief, and reconsidering the business structure.

While there are more and more stories about businesses pivoting in response to the pandemic, Inc has a great interview with Our Place owner Shiza Shahid, who did not pivot. Additionally, here is Inc’s coverage of the SBA’s new loan forgiveness application for the Paycheck Protection Program.

If you are considering buying a business, you should read this article from Entrepreneur. about the 3 questions you must ask. Barron’s this morning also has a good roundup of nongovernmental sources of financial aid for businesses.

Entrepreneur webinars are great and insightful. There are three coming up: How to get to market fast and lean; followed by how restaurants can survive in the new normal, closing with How to start a side hustle with little or no money.

Here is a good interview with Amy Liu from the Brookings Institute about the future of the Urban Economy.

What is the impact of the lockdown on your job prospects if you were forced into bankruptcy for reasons outside of your control?

A few weeks ago we told you about the challenges in Bristol Tennessee/Virginia, since state allowed businesses to reopen faster than the other, putting businesses in Virginia at a disadvantage. Well, its happening again in the Quad Cities, where sales on the Iowa side are booming while those in Illinois face continued financial disaster.

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