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June 18, 2020

Here’s what I found interesting in the news today.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting op-ed questioning if there is another exodus ahead for U.S. cities in the wake of COVID-19 and the recent civil unrest. What are the lessons from the prior exits from cities, and what are the factors that impact it this time and ways to address them? What about public sector unions, gentrification, and education? It includes a link to an interesting discussion about public sector unions, and how politics distinguish between organized labor that excludes include police, and the police unions.

I loved this article from Inc Magazine about an entrepreneur that was told by a venture capitalist that he had a billion dollar idea. He passed and leads a much happier life than if he had taken the VC up on it. He did have the luxury of having been through the VC process before with other projects, and decided it was time to stop so much focus on advertising, he would get to see his kids more, and no more chasing unicorns.

Entrepreneur had four articles today. The first was 4 tips for simplifying due diligence.

Business pivots in response to COVID-19 are one of our special interests. This article explores the “9 bloody brilliant ways businesses are navigating meat prices”

I found this article about how Company Builders help startups and entrepreneurs in Latin America, where the fundraising and investor environment is more challenging, valuable given our interest in economic development and revitalization in that region.

The best of them all was an article about the 5 reasons that millennials are embracing solopreneurship – the digital revolution, flexibility, ethics, money money money, and the new options for traditional benefits.

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