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July 14, 2020

Businesses face existential threats, made worse by politicians. What happens when a second round of business closures hits on top of months of low to no revenue? It isn’t good. This is probably the most important article today.

This startup is taking on Amazon to help independent bookstores. Digital sales and affiliate payouts from the nonprofit platform Bookshop are helping some small booksellers survive during the pandemic. Unfortunately and fortunately, Amazon has transformed the written word. It has hurt local booksellers, so kudos to Bookshop for working to keep them alive, but Amazon also made it SO much easier to launch the BusinessFlare Publishing Group and publish our first book, Governing for Economic Development, in English and Spanish as paperback and eBook. The English version can be downloaded for free today, July 14, 2020.

Speaking of independents, did you see this CNBC interview a couple of weeks ago with our favorite bookseller, Mitchell Kaplan?

Six theories on why fast growing startups seem to be disappearing. One possibility is that people are more motivated by the idea of beinig an entrepreneur than by having a great business concept.

Biotech properties draw billions of dollars as other real estate languishes. As we work on an exciting initiative to attract additional federal investment into biotech research, this article helps bolster our position that the investment is justified and that there will be a significant economic benefit.

With play on pause, sports teams forge ahead with real estate projects. Amid lack of ticket sales due to coronavirus, alternative revenue streams could become increasingly important for sports teams.

And finally from Entrepreneur, how to craft an elevator pitch that gives people chills in under 20 seconds.