Investment Driver: Regulation

Two examples of how regulation directly impacts economic development at a very large multi state level, and also on Main Street. The BusinessFlare Approach views Regulation as the Investment Driver where all communities start on a level playing field with each other, and how they apply it will greatly influence their competitiveness for investment (and competitiveness of their businesses).

State Street in Bristol is divided between Virginia and Tennessee.

At the national level, Elon Musk threatened to move Tesla’s HQ operations from California to Texas due to Alameda County’s restrictions on reopening.

More importantly, at the local level State Street in Bristol is divided between Virginia and Tennessee.Travis Penn, who opened Delta Blues BBQ in Tennessee last September, said his sales initially dropped 70% during the transition.Deel, whose Burger Bar is in Virginia, said he went from $1,500 days to $90 days.

But that’s where the similarities end right now.If Virginia’s first phase begins as anticipated on May 15, restaurants on one side of State Street, like Delta Blues, will have had an 18-day head start on dining service, over restaurants like Burger Bar on the other side of the street. Read more…