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Tampa Bay colleges see entrepreneurship interest spike during COVID-19 crisis

TAMPA, Fla. — As Florida’s economy begins to rebound, local education leaders are tracking new opportunities for people looking to launch a new product or service. Several Tampa Bay area colleges are pushing to help people start their own business and become entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Bardwell, like many people in Tampa Bay, was laid off during the COVID-19 crisis, but he quickly found a solution to help our community and get back to work.

“I kept reading stories about farmers dumping food and people going hungry, and I was just sitting in quarantine putting together how it could work,” he explained.

Bardwell is now purchasing extra produce from local farms and selling it online at, while also allowing all of us to buy food and donate it to families in need.

His story is becoming more common as entrepreneurs think of new ways to develop products or services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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