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Ciao San Fran! Part 3

Will Remote-Work Policies Lead to a Bay Area Exodus?

Will Remote-Work Policies Lead to a Bay Area Exodus? (Infographic)

Highlighting our opinion on one of the five investment drivers, Labor, is the continuing exodus from the San Fransisco area, once a thriving, authentic and awesome city that has ignored resident quality of life. while demanding more and more from those residents. This is great news for those communities that are actually creating great public places where people want to live.

Cities that embrace and understand the changing landscape of the labor markets and focus on quality of life as an economic development strategy will position themselves for success. Read more of our short opinion on this.

This is great for downtowns

This is great for Florida

This is great for Tennessee

This is great for Texas

From Entrepreneur Magazine – “the next question those companies’ employees will likely ask themselves is natural: Why would I stay in the Bay Area if I’m not going into the office? Long the epicenter of tech in the U.S., the Bay Area has become prohibitively expensive for all but the highest-paid workers. Its housing costs are among the highest in the nation, and it’s gotten so bad that companies like Google have pledged staggering sums to help solve the shortage of affordable housing.”

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