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4 Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business in an economic downturn.

4 Tips for Starting a Business in an Economic Downturn

From Entrepreneur .com…

Find your niche, give people what they need, ready yourself, and reap the benefits of launching during a recession.

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Small Business Starting Over

An Entrepreneur’s Checklist

For starting a business at home.

An Entrepreneur's Checklist for Starting a Business at Home


Once you have an idea and a passion, starting a business can feel like a whirlwind. While it might feel like you have to dive in head-first right away, taking a step back to plan and organize can set you up for long term growth.

Before you begin your business journey, here are a few tasks and helpful reminders to check off your list.

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This is NOT Impossible

The 3 Most Dangerous Words In Entrepreneurship: “This Is Impossible”

The 3 Most Dangerous Words In Entrepreneurship: "This Is Impossible"

Great article in Entrepreneur Magazine by Jason Feifer. Gives a good example about the search for “surgery without pain”, and the naysayers that said anesthesia didn’t exist.

The lessons:

  1. If we say something is impossible, then we stop pursuing it.
  2. If we stop pursuing something, then it never gets accomplished.
  3. If something never gets accomplished, then the naysayers were right: It was impossible.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. The phrase “This is impossible” creates impossibilities.

Entrepreneurs prove that nothing is impossible!

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COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Small Business Starting Over

New Online Ventures

We keep telling you, Start Your Business NOW!

The Covid Quarantine Is Fueling a Boom in New Online Ventures

The Covid Quarantine Is Fueling a Boom in New Online Ventures. Out of work and with more time on their hands, more people are setting up new websites for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Another example of how this can be the best time to start a business, and starting a new business or entrepreneurial effort is likely a much better use of your time than a constant job search or lounging at home collecting unemployment. This also works for bricks and mortar businesses that have limited or no online presence.

From this article from Inc. Magazine: “Until mid-March, Zach Sass was the executive chef at Nashville Underground, a popular tourist spot known for its hot chicken on Music Row in Nashville. Sass, 31, had been a chef for 12 years, working all over the country and putting in 60- to 70-hour weeks. After Covid-19 forced Nashville Underground and other businesses to close, Sass found himself at home with time on his hands.” 

“Sass also needed to figure out a way to earn a living, which is how he came to launch his first website to promote the live cooking classes he’s begun teaching via videoconferencing software. He set up the site with GoDaddy, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based domain registry and web-hosting service. “I’m not savvy when it comes to computers and technology,” Sass says. “I was scared not having any skills.” And yet, he got his site online and has begun teaching online classes, helping people to cook using the ingredients they have on hand in their kitchens and asking for donations between $10 and $100. Much of Sass’s inbound traffic comes from LinkedIn, and he recently started using Google Ads to grow the business.”

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COVID-19 Small Business

Retail Recovery

The Recovery of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Will Be Staggered. Here Are the Early Winners and Losers. – Barron’s, May 28,2020 is a location-data analytics company that tracks more than 30 million mobile devices in the U.S.

A year-over-year comparison shows that gyms, hotels and apparel shops have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and likely won’t see an easy recovery even after reopening. Nationwide visits to those three groups of retailers remained down 87%, 79%, and 72% down, respectively, from the same period last year, while superstores like Target (ticker: TGT) and Walmart (WMT), and the grocery sector saw visits up 13% and 6% year-over-year.

The nature of different reopening policies and loosened restrictions, depending on the state, also have a clear impact on how retailers are doing. For instance, Georgia and South Carolina, among the earliest states to reopen in late April, are seeing significantly better recoveries among retailers, while California—where phased reopening didn’t start until the second week of May—is still seeing much less traffic to shops and restaurants.

COVID-19 Small Business

Small Business Saturday

Good coverage yesterday and today from Barron’s about the nation’s small businesses and their challenges and opportunities.

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