BusinessFlare® Brainstorming

The BusinessFlare® Academy, a Miami-Dade based nonprofit economic development corporation,is launching a series on all things related to local economic development, redevelopment, workforce development and downtown revitalization. Keep checking back for updates on the beginning of the podcasts.
Brainstorming Team

The Brainstorming Team

Kevin S. Crowder is currently the owner of BusinessFlare Economic Development Solutions. He was previously the Director of Economic Development and Government Affairs for the City of Miami Beach and has past experience that includes the South Beach Business Improvement Districts and the South Beach Marketing Council.


  • Texas native and U.S. Army Veteran.
  • Developed the trademarked BusinessFlare Approach to economic development.
  • Plays lead guitar and also owns Goodnight's Red River Spice Company with his wife.

Charita Allen is the Deputy Administrator for Economic Development for the City of Chattanooga. She was previously the Vice President for Urban Initiatives at the Miami-Dade Beacon Council. Charita also provides consulting through Allen Economic Development Partners.


  • Tennessee native, lived in South Florida for 20 years, from Doral to Coral Gables to Surfside.
  • 16 years of experience in Economic Development
  • Currently serving a term-limited position as Deputy Administrator for Economic Development in her hometown of Chattanooga, TX while also consulting.

Ken Stapleton is the Senior Director, Innovation Partnerships at the University of Cincinnati. He is also the President of Ken Stapleton and Associations, a national planning and economic development firm.


  • Well-rounded economic development and redevelopment professional.
  • Developed his award-winning SafeDesign Institute approach to real and perceived safety.
  • Currently serving as Senior Director for Innovation Partnerships at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Stacy "Daisy" Kilroy is the Executive Director of the Central Maine Workforce Development Board. She was previously the Director of Planning and Government Affairs at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Special Projects Manager for the Hollywood CRA and the Redevelopment Specialist and Grantswriter for the City of Miami Beach.


  • Born in Chile and has lived in AZ, FL, MA, ME, MO, NM and NY.
  • Over three decades of project funding development and contract management.
  • Currently Executive Director of the Central Western Maine Workforce Initiatives.

Farrell Tiller is an Economic Development Associate for BusinessFlare. He received his MBA from Florida Atlantic University and is the owner of Live Free Diving.


  • MBA specializing in finance, market research and consensus building.
  • Data analyst working in economic development since 2014.
  • Millennial that understands economic development from a young person's perspective.

Alicia Alleyne is the Operations and Project Manager for BusinessFlare and is the owner of Alleyne Consulting Group. She is a licensed realtor and a former adjuct professor.


  • MBA in management, and is a licensed Florida Realtor.
  • 10 years experience with Florida governmental entities and redevelopment agencies.
  • Consults and provides management services related to in-house operations, human resources and administration.

Kent Bonde is the Senior Redevelopment Associate with BusinessFlare. He was previously the Redevelopment Director for the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency.

Lina M. Duque is BusinessFlare's Creative Director and is the Director of Regional and International Sales for the Alison Group, specializing in marketing and promotions for public and private clients. Her creative experience includes cutting edge design for many new establishments in South Beach during the early days of the revitalization of the historic district, and significant experience developing and implementing promotional programs for public agencies.