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Build Trust

Consumers are nervous. Here’s the safety checklist they want to see.

Building on my last post, this article from explores those issues we raised – control of personal space and trust – and how communities, cities and businesses can use them to their benefit for economic recovery and growth.

Consumers Are Nervous. Here's the Safety Checklist They Want to See


As companies begin to reopen, customers want to know what measures your business is taking for health and safety. Having the standards they¬†expect–and communicating them effectively–could be the deciding factor in whether people come and spend.

Additionally, the article includes a list of new additions that Yelp has added for businesses. The crowd-sourced review app is rolling out new features that help businesses tell customers what to expect at their locations, based on third-party research and research conducted by the company on factors that are most important to users.

Businesses can log into Yelp and update their procedures.

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