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Governing for Economic Development

The BusinessFlare® Academy is a not-for-profit Economic Development Corporation that was created to provide realistic economic development education and training for local government officials, which is focused on understanding successful implementation and outcomes. Too often local governments focus on economic development tactics without a strategy, seemingly throwing things against the wall waiting for something to stick.

Through a series of training sessions, one-on-one and organizational retreats, and online webinars, we can provide a base of understanding that helps local governments implement strategies that can improve their local economy and grow their tax base within the limitations of their resources. This training utilizes real-world case studies and includes the following areas:

Economic Development 101 for elected officials
Leadership for Successful Economic Development Outcomes
Economic Development on a Shoestring
Market-Based Zoning
Attracting Craft Breweries
Downtown Safety
Branding Your City
Cities as Real Estate Developers
Funding and Financing Economic Development, including CRAs
Managing Entertainment Districts
Retail Reality
University Partnerships
Hospital Partnerships and Health and Wellness
Working with School Districts
Public Private Partnerships 101
Using Public Private Partnerships to provide public parking